About Us

The Founder of SoCalCities.Com began building websites back in 1993 before 99% of the world population knew that the internet even existed. After building his first website, Mr. Swavely realized that the only way for others to find the site, was to go plaster the domain name all over town, because navigating to that particular website, was virtually impossible without knowing the exact website address. That's when Mr. Swavely thought he needed to purchase all of the County and City dot com websites, so that he could build a local search medium for the local communities. Starting out with CountyOfLosAngeles.Com, purchased back in 1997, along with CountyOfSanDiego.Com, CountyOfRiverside.Com, CityOfAnaheim.Com, CityOfSantaAna.Com, CityOfOntario.Com, CityOfChino.Com, CityOfRanchoCucamonga.Com, and today owns over 200 County and City Domain Names in Southern and Northern California.


What does that mean to you, the business owner? Natural, Organic type in search engine traffic from the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. If you were to type CityOfAnaheim.Com, or CountyOfLosAngeles.Com, or CountyOfSanDiego.Com, or any of over 160 names owned by SoCalCities.Com, you would be directed straight away to the SoCalCities.Com website, just like 50+ millions of other online visitors. More traffic equals more sales! More sales puts more money on your bottom line, and in turn adds up to more jobs and healthier Local Communities. We love the idea of restoring and building Trusted Businesses in our Local Communities, and that's what we are all about at SoCalCities.Com.